Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I am going here

Fitz Roy

tomorrow!! gotta go pack now.

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i am obsessed with Roisin Murphy

She is a singer. (that's "ro-shen" or "ro-shun" or something, in case you don't speak Irish) She used to be in a group called Moloko (I remember some friends recommending them to me in the nineties but I never fell in love with them until now). Then the past few months I would always hear her music coming from Julia's studio while I was working and then I started humming these songs all the time and had then I had to get the album (Overpowered) on my ipod and I'm listening to it all the time and I like it.

And THEN i went and looked on youtube at her videos and she has these amazing videos, i like her dancing and prancing and these RIDICULOUS outfits. I love them. I just want to watch Roisin Murphy videos all day. Now I am trying to listen to all the old Moloko albums because now that I know her I think I am going to love all of those too.

what is up with this jumpsuit and head-dress. it is awesome.

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