Sunday, October 25, 2009

more house news

OK, we're totally obsessed with this house and absolutely overflowing with excitement and anxiety to find out whether the whole deal is going to go through! Today we got some positive news, our offer has formally been accepted by the bank, on paper. Looks like it's a go!!!!! Thursday is supposed to be our official closing date. So, we'll be able to really say it's our house by the end of the week, hopefully! My mom went in to the town office and did a bit of research, and learned that this property & house were last assessed in 2003, at that time they were valued at around 400% the price we're going to pay! WOW. Perhaps that was before the barn collapsed and before the ell roof fell apart.

house in limington

Meanwhile, we've been doing lots of research about the place. Because the house has a historic plaque on the porch, Mike started researching the history and has been corresponding with the Limington Historical Society, he's found some colorful stories about the history of the town but hasn't found anything specific about our house yet.

historical plaque - the house in Limington

We read all about the Francis Small nature preserve, hiking on Sawyer Mountain, and swimming at Pequawket Beach on Horne Pond, just down the road from our house! (Of course there's also the Limington Rips, where I remember splashing around as a kid.)

Anyway, I've got some more pictures of the place! Here is the exterior:

complicated roofline
complicated roofline (front side of the house)

In back of the house is the ell, which is in terrible condition:

side view of house
side view of the house and ell

side door
side door

ell and junk
trashy looking junk and ell

ell junk
the ell is filled with junk

in-law apartment
there is also an "in-law apartment" in the ell, but it's badly damaged by water from the leaky roof so it'll have to be all torn out and... who knows.

Here's the back yard:

back yard
i'm pretty sure that's one of three apple trees growing in our back yard!

too bad about the barn
too bad about the barn

squash growing in the back yardsquash growing in the back yard

basketball hoopbasketball hoop behind the barn

richard and backyardrichard and backyard

backside of barnbackside of barn

backside of housebackside of house - seen from back yard

inside the house!

nice wood floors and windows. first floor, front room
(this is inside one of the front turrets)



kitchen windows
windows over the sink in the kitchen

front entrance, nice bannister

missing plaster
missing plaster next to the stairs

one of the upstairs bedrooms

turret bedroom upstairs

more missing plaster
more missing plaster, upstairs bedroom

basement: granite slab & boulder foundation

front porch & front yard:

the front porch
the front porch

view to road from front porch
view to road from front porch

barn view from porch
barn view from porch

retaining wall
retaining wall, street view from downhill

retaining wall
retaining wall, cute house next door

hydrangea bush

pampas grass
decorative pampas grasses

hitching post
here's the hitching post where visitors used to tie up their horses

it looks like there are lots of other pretty old houses in the neighborhood! here's a video of my sister and brother-in-law driving around getting lost in the neighborhood:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eliza I just viewed the latest pictures of your house - I sure hope it is a done deal for you & Michael - It looks like it has a lot of potential - I bet the two of you can't wait to get back to the States so the you can start restoration - Wishing you both the best of luck
Michaels Bubi

5:54 PM  
Blogger elizajanecurtis said...

Hi Bubi! Thanks! It sure is exciting! We still don't have 100% certain confirmation, but we think it seems like it's all going to work out. We'll let you know when we find out for sure...

6:25 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

GUAU! Unbelievable. Congratulations! Incredibly exciting.

1:03 PM  

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